Netball Wrap: Round 7 - Ocean Grove

May 19, 2021

The 13 2’s had a hard-fought game against Ocean Grove, going down 33-7. Amber, Edie, and Sienna collected the votes with excellent individual games; however, the most outstanding effort was the leadership and teamwork showed on the court by all, the girls never dropping their heads or giving in.

A typical cold, rain and windy Saturday morning saw our U15’s brave losses. The U15 1’s utilised their defensive dream team Tae and Issy dominating the entire game with a 41-7 finishing score. The U15 2’s suffered a losing margin of 45-1.

A downpour of rain saw the U17’s battle the game, without dampening their spirits as they fought until their final siren with a 42-12 loss.

The speed and sharpness of Perrie Sims in 19’s shut down the mid-court for the Grubbers. She continued to win contested balls, the Grubbers taking a 35-7 win.

A-Grades Maddy Allan receives a pass in the centre third.

E-Grade utilised a well-performing Elsie Hepworth whose defensive pressure and rebounds ensured Ocean Grove had to fight. With their efforts in training to incorporate front cutting and channels across the mid-court, the Seas came out firing in the last quarter to fall to a 26-16 loss.

D-Grade played well in tough conditions and against tough opposition. Chloe Hudson, Sam Williamson, and Molly Chiller all worked extremely hard to earn best-on-ground performances in a game where skill, control and composure were sought after. After working on their systems and press in training, the Seas looked dangerous and drilled on the turnover. They are looking forward to perfecting this in the coming weeks.

C-Grade were valiant against a strong Ocean Grove, going down 35-18. Rachel Caulfield, in a stunning season, was again fundamental, collecting another best-on-ground performance. Through the mid-court, Myee Lowerson-Peric provided run and carry, dodging and leading confidently despite the saturating rain throughout parts of the game. In defence, Jeamma Evans was all over Ocean Grove, using her speed and agility to make the shooters work for it as Anglesea key goal defence. 

B-Grade was straight out of the blocks this week, shocking top of the ladder Ocean Grove with an even first quarter. Grubbers scrambled to eventually get the game back under their control and running out 50-13 winners. Despite the scores, the exceptional defensive efforts of Mia Clayden and Sophie Brumby held them to account. In the attacking end, Pearle Griffiths played an exceptional 4 quarters, her shooting range gaining awes from spectators of both sides. The girls are looking forward to taking on Torquay this week and bringing their first quarter intensity to the whole game.

A-Grade was excited to unveil their new goalkeeper Kate Simpson into the line-up this week. The superstar herself showing us how it’s done to earn a well-deserved 3 votes. Complimenting Kate’s talent (and height) is her positivity and leadership on the court. Up the other end, Kate’s efforts were matched by Ruby Dangerfield and Bree Caldwell, who, as always, were skilful, clean, and fast, even in the slippery conditions. Overall, A Grade’s game was systematic and confident, Ocean Grove just proving to be too good for them this time with the girls going down 61-32. After a run of injuries to Hannah Barry-Murphy (ankle) Paige Elliot (ankle), Imogen Allan (achillies rupture – end season) and Maddy Allan (foot), the seas are looking forward to their return to full games to fight back the rest of the team.