Netball Wrap-up: Round 14 – Torquay​

July 18, 2021

We’re back after the BYE round ready to fight it out until the final siren. It was a tough result by Saturday afternoon, with all netball teams defeated by Torquay. 

The 13’s suffered a 24-point loss with Elizabeth and Emerald putting on the best performances. 

For our Under 15 teams, the Read the Play round took place which uses young people’s engagement with sport and connection to their local club to deliver important messages that improve mental health literacy and knowledge about where to seek help for mental health problems. Maddy Allardyce (U15 2) and Kate Stone (U15 1) walked away with an award for the most positivity and encouragement within their team. We are so proud of our girls for not only receiving this award but always supporting their teammates on and off the court. With fill-in Ara McGillivray putting on a show on Saturday morning, the 15 2’s scored their highest total regardless of the loss 7 – 42. Defending duo Issy Marsland and Tae McGillivray collected the votes, both made the opposition work hard to get the ball under the ring. Despite strong efforts, 15 1’s went down 13 – 33. 

Under 17’s had a hard-fought game against Torquay, eventually going down 9 – 37. Charmaine Turner, Rosie Shaw, and Maddy Jacobs collected votes, continuing their exceptional season of good form. 

The 19’s gave their best efforts on court keeping Torquay scoring low. The scoreboard did not reflect the intensity on the court. Tigers winning 7 – 28. 

E Grade put on a spectacular performance making Torquay work hard to secure their win. With stellar defensive pressure from Elsie Hepworth and mid-court control from Emma Smith, the Seas were only just defeated 25 – 31. 

D Grade utilised a well-performing Jess Cole whose preliminary moves and timed leads provided confidence throughout the mid-court. With their efforts in training to incorporate on-ball movement and channels across the mid-court, the Seas came out firing in the last quarter to fall to a 12 – 46 loss. 

Watching Rachel Caulfield play is as addictive as it gets! Her skill and direction on the court were fundamental to keeping composure across the whole court. Whilst C Grade went down 21 – 35, the talent in the team is undoubted. Goaling guru’s Brooke and Eliza went down firing in an attempt to tackle Torquay’s defensive pressure.

A-Grades Kelsey Bews gets her pass away out of the defensive end (PHOTO: BEN COOK PHOTOGRAPHY)

B Grade stepped on court ready to fight for the win. Their improvement and development throughout the season have seen the young side shock each team each week. Charlotte Furphy played a pivotal role this week working with Bella Northeast to secure goals. With the likes of Shania Ballinger and Naomi Caulfield in the mid-court holding possession, mid-game encouragement from Captain Caulfield saw B Grade hold an even scoring quarter in the final term. With Torquay holding the game, B Grade went down 28 – 46. 

Remember Mia Clayden from Under 19’s? This week was her debut into A Grade where she absolutely stole the show and claimed 3 votes. With her agility to get intercept touches and keep the opposition away from the goal post, the Seas were able to capitalise when she was on the court turning the ball over again and again. Kelsey Bews and Maddy Allan collected the other votes reflecting the hard work and fight for the entire four quarters. A Grade fought hard until the end of a 14 – 74 loss.

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